Sellers' Expectations

My pledge to Sellers!

            Selling a home especially while living in the home at the time can be difficult but necessary. However, who you have on your side of the transaction can make a big difference in how fast your home sells and can make the process of showing much easier. First and foremost is the MLS presentation. IPhone photos and a few lines of description are not acceptable. Your home needs to be fully marketed and presented in a way that desire is created. With million dollar homes you don’t have a second chance to make a great impact on someone and unlike lower value homes you don’t have a pool of buyers 300 deep. Each and every showing needs to be maximized to the fullest to be sure you’re not missing that special buyer due to a poor presentation. I am embarrassed as an agent when I see that MOST listings in MLS from other agents are so poorly presented with photos of a toilet, messy countertops or bad lighting. This will not happen with IFR representing your home! Your MLS and other national marketing presentation will be so well done you might question why you’re selling in the first place!