Who, What & the Why

           My name is Dave Leach; I am a private pilot and the Broker and Principal of IFR Real Estate. IFR stands for Instrument Flight Rules and that means I can do it with my eyes closed. I appreciate all aspects of real estate and have dedicated the past 18 years to understanding it. Whatever the scenario I have seen it twice. In Arizona, there are approximately 45,000 agents, yet sadly the vast majority are only part time and frankly “fumbling” their way through one deal a year for a family member. Conversely, I am full time. Real estate is all I do every day! When buying or selling, you need someone who is a true professional and will take time to understand and represent your needs to the end. Someone who will be truthful about the value of your home rather than inflate that number hoping to impress you just to get your listing. This common tactic will cost you time and money every time; or worse, an agent who will put his needs above yours in order to turn a listing fast just to make a quick dollar at your expense.   

I am a rare. An Arizona Native. My breed of native has become so rare it is a now protected class. I know the Phoenix/Scottsdale/PV area so well because I have lived it my entire life. Yes, I remember when 56th and Shea was out of town, FLW was a drag strip for Saguaro high school kids and Old Town Scottsdale consisted of the Sugar Bowl and random turquoise merchants. I learned to aim a rifle and shift a motorcycle in an area now called Gray Hawk, yet I am still only 40ish years young.   

I truly look forward to having the opportunity of representing you not just on your next real-estate transaction, but each transaction going forward.  All of my past clients have become friends over the years and that speaks volumes…  OK, maybe that one guy was a bit “off” and I purposely lost touch with him, regardless he is happy with his home.